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Guidance on How to Manage a Solo Camp as a Lady.

An outdoor event is a graceful way of gaining quality adventure. Most importantly when you are alone. In this way, there is nothing to interfere with your thoughts in nature.

However, for a lady, solo camping is discouraged by many. This is for the reason that a woman is considered not strong enough to be in the wilderness alone. In fact for many you’d rather find a man to protect you. However to some, solo female camping is regarded as a novelty, only when you are planning to be in the extravagance of a hotel. If you talk of getting to camp at a wilderness you get so many disapproval from people. And you will note that most of these arguments are irrational. For example, regardless of being a man or woman you will still need o struggle to deal with a bear. However, it is also important to be realistic, and note that some of these arguments will still make sense. And some include.

to begin, you will be insecure. Though the bear argument may not make sense. You will still need to be sensitive about your security. To be realistic, by staying in a hotel you are much safer. This is for the reason that the hotel will have quality measures to ensure your protection. Whereas, when you are alone in the wilderness, this may not be the case. Most common risks may include; will animals or opportunists who may spot an unaccompanied stranger. For this reason, it is important to keep in touch with your family at all times and update them on your progress. Take precaution and camp near houses, plus get to befriend the locals for your safety.

Another challenge that you will face is getting to carry everything alone. This is something that will come up all the time when you mention about solo camping. Although this has nothing to do with physical strength, it is imperative to note that transport all the camping apparatus may be a problem, irrespective of being male or female. And you will note that, dealing with this, some people will avoid carrying other equipment ending up jeopardizing their safety and fun during the camping activity. It is rather advisable to go for lightweight alternatives. For instance, you may buy a one-person fold-able tent that will not be overwhelming to carry. All the same you may employ a portable gazebo that is equally easy to transport. The important thing is to weigh everything before setting out for the camp.

You will also be told that you will get lost in the wilderness at night. Camping at night is problematic. In an icy state, this may be perilous. To ensure you are safe, ensure that you rest and night and rise with the sun. this way, you will be sure to remain safe.



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